We use UK ring sizing and offer full standard sizes I – T online. We make rings to ‘half’ sizes to order. Please contact us to discuss. If you’re uncertain of the size of ring you require please call into our workshop and studio at ‘Siop iard Pwllheli’ where you can be measured accurately, or alternatively pop into your local jewellers where you can be measured.

Your fingers will change size slightly throughout the day; temperature and physical activity can have an effect. We recommend that you do not measure your ring size whilst your hands are cold. The ring should feel snug when you wear it so that it won’t fall off, but still be able to fit over your knuckle when you take it off.

Please note that there may be an additional charge to alter the ring size from the one originally ordered. This charge is to cover time and postage.

We make bangles to four standard sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The diameters of these bangles are as follow:

Small: 6cm
Medium: 6.5cm
Large: 7cm
Extra Large: 7.5cm

We also make the bangles to order, so you can always get the right fit. The easiest way to measure your bangle size is to measure the inside diameter of an existing bangle that fits comfortably.